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Mai 07 2024


17:00 - 20:00

Developer Event AI Village

Working in different parts of the generative AI industry in Germany, Alex, Jan and Jonas realized over a beer that there are very few people that you can have a good conversation with when you want to talk about state of the art Large Language Models application. In cooperation with the German AI Association and the AI Village we want to solve this with the Developer Community Large Language Models, LLM Application and generative AI.

This developer community is aimed at developers and researchers who work with Large Language Models and generative AI on a daily basis. We want to bring together a group of people who have an understanding of the capabilities of the technologies and have intense discussions about the current challenges and implementation strategies.

Therefore, we ask you to submit your Github / Hugging Face profiles as well as a problem you are currently facing in your work during the registration. You will be registered for the event once you have received confirmation from us.

This is not the right event for you, if you work as a recruiter, manager or investor (unless you do your job by using a GPT4 wrapper that you have written yourself).

Please let us know if you can not make it so we can give your seat to someone else.

Die Veranstaltung ist beendet.